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Is It Time To Look At Your Hearing?

Serving Seminole, Pasadena, Clearwater, and surrounding areas in Florida.

The caring professionals at Bob Evans Hearing Centers look at your hearing with one thing in mind – hearing health. That’s why we’ve been serving Florida for over 22 years.

In fact, Bob Evans Hearing Centers have 2 convenient locations in Pinellas County to serve you, we’re always nearby.

Suspect hearing loss?  If you answer “yes” to any of the following you may have hearing loss:

 - I have trouble hearing people on the telephone

 - I have trouble hearing the TV and radio.

 - I have trouble hearing my spouse in background noise.

 - I have trouble hearing children and other “high-pitch” sounds.

 - I ask friends, family and co-workers to repeat often.

 - I don’t enjoy music the way I used to. In fact, I don’t enjoy life the way I used to!

There are many reasons to take a look at your hearing. Have your hearing evaluated by a knowledgeable, caring professional to develop a solution to address hearing loss – a solution that fits your lifestyle and your preferences.

Enjoy life again with natural sound, total wearing comfort and the automated features found in today’s discrete, digital hearing aids – one sure to suit your needs and your wants.

Our hearing aids are guaranteed, and follow-up evaluations and tune-ups are always free. We provide free batteries for life. And we’re just a quick drive away from a more satisfying quality of life.

Call a Bob Evans Hearing Center, nearest you today for a no-headache, no-obligation hearing evaluation. Together, we’ll take a look at your hearing.

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We are providers of American Hearing Benefits for more information.

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