Robert D. Evans, HAS, BC-HIS, B.S.; Hearing Instrument Specialist

Bob Evans Hearing Center

Bob Evans is a dedicated, experienced professional who has been a practicing Hearing Instrument Specialist for 25 years. He has been a member of the International Hearing Society for 25 years, and has worked at his family-owned practice for the same amount of time. Bob is from Pennsylvania and attended Cleveland University in Ohio. He is known for his honesty, patience, and his ability to listen to the patient and their needs. Bob has lived in Pinellas County for 35 years. He got into the industry because his family has a history of hearing loss, both genetic and noise-induced. Bob served as a Marine, is an avid football fan, and in his free time enjoys serving USMC as a Christian Counselor for Prison Ministry. His career highlights include attending a Starkey Hearing Foundation "So The World May Hear" mission trip and the "everyday" thrill of seeing eyes light up when he first activates a new hearing aid and restores someone's connection to life.